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Parenting is hard work and kids are a giant pain. Is it worth it?

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Drinking Like ‘Mad Men’

Manhattan cocktails

The key to drinking like one of the “Mad Men” is to be a man. And to pace yourself.

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Real Life Underdogs

Duke - Butler Game

Usually, Goliath wins

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The Wages of Greed

NFL Strike SI Cover Crop

How greed could ruin American sports

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The Anticlimax of Bowl Season

Thumbnail image for The Anticlimax of Bowl Season

Why bowls are a sad way to end a great college football season.

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Heisman Trophy: Who Deserves It?

Heisman Trophy

Who deserves to win?

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A Man’s Taste Buds

Kimchi Korea's National Dish

Is fire-roasted steak and potatoes the manliest of dishes? Not in Korea, it isn’t.

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Sports Drunks

Gatorade G2 Cocktails

Making close-enough alcoholic cocktails with nothing but sports drinks. And some booze.

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Is Barack Obama Too Manly?

Thumbnail image for Is Barack Obama Too Manly?

President Obama shouldn’t apologize for spending time hanging out with the guys. It’s a sign of weakness.

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Black Coaches Racism Catch-22

Turner Gill MAC Championship Gatorade

Why aren’t there more black coaches? Their inclination, of course, is to blame racism.

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Leftover Resuscitations

Thumbnail image for Leftover Resuscitations

Just because you’re eating leftovers doesn’t mean you have to suffer

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