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The key to drinking like one of the “Mad Men” is to be a man. And to pace yourself.

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Fatherhood Will Make You Unhappy


How do we reconcile the vast body of literature showing that having kids makes people less happy with the fact that most parents don’t believe said literature?

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Real Life Underdogs

Duke - Butler Game

Usually, Goliath wins

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The Wages of Greed

NFL Strike SI Cover Crop

How greed could ruin American sports

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The Anticlimax of Bowl Season

Thumbnail image for The Anticlimax of Bowl Season

Why bowls are a sad way to end a great college football season.

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Heisman Trophy: Who Deserves It?

Heisman Trophy

Who deserves to win?

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A Man’s Taste Buds

Kimchi Korea's National Dish

Is fire-roasted steak and potatoes the manliest of dishes? Not in Korea, it isn’t.

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Sports Drunks

Gatorade G2 Cocktails

Making close-enough alcoholic cocktails with nothing but sports drinks. And some booze.

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Is Barack Obama Too Manly?

Thumbnail image for Is Barack Obama Too Manly?

President Obama shouldn’t apologize for spending time hanging out with the guys. It’s a sign of weakness.

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Black Coaches Racism Catch-22

Turner Gill MAC Championship Gatorade

Why aren’t there more black coaches? Their inclination, of course, is to blame racism.

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Leftover Resuscitations

Thumbnail image for Leftover Resuscitations

Just because you’re eating leftovers doesn’t mean you have to suffer

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