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The Benefits of Starting a Side Business

by Alex Knapp on 8 August 2009

Neal Frankie has a good post on the virtues of starting a side business:
Why do I love being self-employed?
Because it allows me to express myself freely. At the end of the day, I believe this is the real pay-off for most small business owners who love what they do.

I left the corporate world in 1993 because I was tired of my boss making arbitrary decisions about what was good for my clients. I was tired of my life being subjected to the whims of some corporate executive who didn’t even know my name. As an employee, I couldn’t do what I really felt was right either for my clients or for myself — so I left.

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Alex has been published in the Kansas City Star, TCS Daily, and Comic Book Resources. He’s been blogging at Heretical Ideas since October, 2001 and at Outside the Beltway since June 2006. He also reviews cigars at Cigar Jack's Cigar News and Reviews.

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