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North Korean Compensation?

by Jon Stonger on 12 August 2009

North Korean building with extra story

North Korean building with extra story

I just got back from a tour of the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.  There are two villages, one on the southern side, and one to the north.  The South Korean village built a 100 meter flagpole for a large South Korean flag.  Soon after, the North Koreans built a 160 meter flagpole in the village on the other side of the DMZ to hold their giant flag.

The US and the South Koreans built a new security building in the Joint Security Area (JSA), an area where guards from the North and South stare at each other from only few yards away.  The new US security building was two and a half stories, making it taller than the North Korean one.  Within days, a makeshift third story had been added to the North’s building, making it taller.  You can even see the difference in construction of the old and new floors in the picture.

All this from a man who needs lifts in his shoes to reach Bill Clinton’s elbow in a recent picture.  Could he be compensating for something?

About Jon Stonger

Jon Stonger is a novelist and short story writer. His first book, The Adventures of the Delineator: The Slimy and the Sentient, is now available. He currently resides in Suwon City, Korea.

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