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Best Dessert Ever: Tort & Port

by Stephen Green on 25 August 2009


You’ll need:

  • Some cake or torte or something involving lots of butter and eggs and chocolate.
  • Two glasses of tawny port.

You can find the first item at your local gourmet grocery store, and a bottle of the second item at the nice little liquor store right next to it.

Cut the decadent chocolate thingy in half, and serve on two plates. Better yet, just buy two of them and serve them right out of the little gourmet store containers. Open the port, and pour small portions into two port glasses. If you don’t have port glasses, then just use some small wine stems.

Take a bite of one, followed by a sip of the other. Repeat until everything is gone, and/or your cholesterol reaches the four-digit range.

Serves two. Or one, you pig.

About Stephen Green

Stephen Green, better known on the interwebs as VodkaPundit, is the star of his "Hair of the Dog" and "This Week in Blogs" PajamasTV as well as the proprietor of the popular VodkaPundit blog.

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Manly Thoughts
29 August 2009 at 11:40

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1 Ben 30 August 2009 at 00:05

I have a deep love for tawny ports, and find that no dessert pairs as well with it as Creme Brulee (another dessert that’s egg-based btw)

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