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Making Gmail even Better

by Steven Taylor on 30 August 2009

gmail-labsIf you are a regular user of Gmail, but you are ignoring the little green beaker icon at the top of the screen, you are shortchanging yourself.  That icon is the gateway to Gmail Labs, a series of experimental add-ons to enhance Gmail from the good folks at Google.  There is a long list of tools, that range from the highly useful to the whimsical to the useless.  The list changes with some frequency, so it is worth checking out every once in a while.

Recently I was giving the list a looksee and noticed a new selection:  Multiple Inboxes.  This tool allows you to split your onscreen Gmail inbox either horizontally or vertically to display your complete Gmail inbox plus customized boxes based on specific search parameters (e.,g., starred mail, certain filters, accounts, etc.).   If you direct multiple e-mail accounts into Gmail as I do, you will likely find this to be a rather useful addition to the already useful Gmail.

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