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Christmas Creep

by Jon Stonger on 14 November 2009


Every year it seems that the overly cheery displays start going up earlier and earlier.  Now they are spreading out geographically as well.

South Korea is not a Christian country, although it does have the second highest Christian population in Asia (behind the Philippines).

That is why I was surprised to see a large display of Christmas-style decorations covering the front of a large department store here in Suwon, South Korea IN THE FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER.  While the decorations are not overtly Christian (there are no crosses, and I didn’t even see Santa) they are clearly similar to common Christmas decorations in the US.  They even have a giant red Christmas tree.

I suppose that even if the religious holiday of Christmas hasn’t spread, the celebration of winter commercial excess certainly has.

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About Jon Stonger

Jon Stonger is a novelist and short story writer. His first book, The Adventures of the Delineator: The Slimy and the Sentient, is now available. He currently resides in Suwon City, Korea.

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1 Matthew Stinson 15 November 2009 at 12:50

Christmas displays hit China this week too, though China’s even less Christian than South Korea. I’m guessing this is how things are going in urban Asia.

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