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The Wages of Greed

by Jon Stonger on 6 March 2010

How greed could ruin American sports

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Amusing Headline of the Day

by Steven Taylor on 28 September 2009

TweetVia the LAT:  Lions win (and that’s not a typo) Of course, not so amusing if one is a fan of the Redskins (but amusing to everyone else, especially fans of the Cowboys…). Let the Jim Zorn Firing Watch begin (although as Peter King noted on Football Night in America last night, if Snyder fires [...]

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TweetI propose that Michael Crabtree, former WR for the Texas Tech Red Raiders and draftee of the San Francisco 49ers, be nominated for the Dumbest Man of the Year award.  Crabtree is currently holding out (note:  the season starts tonight) and is threatening to sit out the year because he thinks he ought to be [...]

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Fixing College Football Alabama-Virginia Tech Kickoff Classic

Fixing College Football

by James Joyner on 9 September 2009

Most of the first weekend’s college football games are a joke that make a mockery of sportsmanship and competition.

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NFL Preview 2009

by Jon Stonger on 8 September 2009

After months in the football-less darkness of spring and summer, the NFL season is finally upon us.

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A Look at NFL QBs

by Steven Taylor on 3 September 2009

TweetTrent Dilfer ranks NFL QBs in an interesting, if somewhat unorthodox, manner over at ESPN. This project has been in the works for a while, fueled by frustration over pundits’ repeated failures to acknowledge and appreciate the most difficult position in sports. After studying quarterbacks throughout my career and spending the past year evaluating the [...]

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